Sunshine Baby Funerals

The loss of a baby or Child is difficult for most people to talk about. The sad reality is that many babies, infants and Children will be lost every year. It is at these times that we offer our services in an experienced manner having suffered infant loss within our own family.

A Sunshine baby is a baby who passes away from any cause after birth. We offer funeral services for babies, infants and Children up to six years of age at genuine Cost Prices Only.

We will offer our time and service at ‘No Charge’. We have made the conscious decision that we would prefer to use this time to help families during one of their toughest times. Whilst we acknowledge that every loss is unique to those involved, we understand from our own losses the pain, emptiness and hurt that comes from losing one of your own irrespective of their age.

We will have available shortly a “Cuddle Cot”, also referred to as a cold cot, which will allow families to maintain contact with their baby without the need for any embalming procedure. Our Cuddle Cot will be available for families who would like to take their baby home or perhaps would like to sit with your baby in our rooms. We offer the use of the cuddle cot at no charge.

In the case of stillbirth, families are faced with a loss without any memories. We will assist those families to create some special memories for them to hold onto throughout the years ahead. We have available many resources and items which will be given to families of those children we are called to care for.

Contact Us at any hour if you need assistance in this regard – Free Call: 1800 607 800

We also hold an annual Pregnancy, Infant and Child loss Memorial Service in October to coincide with Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. This is a free memorial service with details being posted on our Facebook page at least one month in advance every year.